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The super suction pump

Company - Faltech AB - Älvdalen, Sweden

Faltech AB, based in Älvdalen in the middle of Scandinavia, focus on development, manufacturing and marketing of pump systems for handling of high viscous and debris laden liquids in remote areas. Most pump applications are for oil spills, but also different chemicals and other slurries are pumped with the salarollpump system.

The heart of the system is the special design of the pump. When developing the first pump system a system that could perform similar to a vacuum truck was the task, but also able to operate in road less landscape, coast lines etc. The answer was salarollpump.

Since that new generations have been developed and purpose made systems for tank cleaning, industrial duties, dredging, cleaning of seaweed from shore lines and similar applications have been introduced on the market


Faltech AB
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Faltech AB
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