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The super suction pump

Tank cleaning

Slurry removal from tanks has always been difficult and time consuming. The salarollpump with its exceptional suction and discharge pressure makes it possible to remove high viscous slurry from the bottom of a tank.

The pump is hydraulically driven and the powerpack equipped with diesel, electric or gasoline engines.

Solid debris up to 37 mm, (1 ½") can pass through without damaging the system. The unique design allows for self-priming and enables the pump to safely run with a completely dry suction, without depending on a by-pass or other easily blocked devices.

Tank Cleaning

The high vacuum of the pump improves efficiency of suction from a valve at the bottom of a wide variety of tanks such as slop tanks. This simple method of connection will give easy, quicker clean out with little preparation required and fewer access issues.

The risk for sparks due to static electricity is low due to the low rotating speed of the pump and the ability to place the power pack outside the hazardous area.

The low rotating speed of the pump also ensures that the high viscous oil being pumped stays binded together rather than creating a hole from the intense vacuum where it separates from the rest of the oil and can no longer pull in oil, only air.

Tank Cleaning

Sludge nozzlesThe nozzle is provided with a handle and a swivel. When pushing the nozzle the hose will follow. With the help of the swivel the nozzle can be reversed. Different nozzles are available for this arrangement. As shown on the picture, the nozzle can be equipped with rotating hydraulically driven blade or a lower inlet for clean up of the last remaining thin layer of the pumped product.


Tank Cleaning

An entering kit makes it easy to go in and out of the tank without spreading oil outside the man hole.

Gantry SystemThe suction hose is suspended above the sludge with metal tripods and horizontal rails holding the hose in place. This will allow the hose to move freely.

Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning Tank Cleaning

The sludge shown in the picture can be very dry at times, but when agitated with the sludge feed nozzle it becomes more pumpable.


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